Traveling To Syria? The Things You Will Miss In Present Syria!

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SYRIA is a Middle Eastern country, has been at war since 2011. The long ongoing war has made Syria a country of death and destruction. Due to the war, the country has lost more than 5,00,000 people, including innocent children who even don’t know what does war mean, and 5,589,453 Syrians have become refugees — according to UNCHR information 2018.

Syria is another example of the cruelty of war in the current world. The open warfare is one of the biggest tragedies that our world has been observing for years silently. Such war is never acceptable, which brings tears in innocent children’s eyes, makes people homeless, creates piles of dead bodies of civilians.

The present destruction can make people doubtful about past gorgeous Syria, the real Syria, and its true beauty. Damascus, the capital city of Syria was an inspiration for writers and artists from around the world, but now the beautiful descriptions of travelers about Syria might sound unrealistic.

Once Mark Twain (1835–1910) wrote “We shall remember …… Damascus, the “Pearl of the East”, the pride of Syria, the fabled garden of Eden, the home of princes and genii of the Arabian Nights, the oldest metropolis on Earth, the one city in all the world that has kept its name and held its place and looked serenely on while the Kingdoms and Empires of four thousand years have risen to life, enjoyed their little season of pride and pomp, and then vanished and been forgotten.”

This is the bad luck of our world, “the Pearl of the East” is becoming a lost history. However, if you are thinking of traveling to Syria recently, the things you will miss in present Syria include:

Umayyad Mosque, Damascus

Umayyad Mosque, Damascus, Syria (image credit:, collected from Islamic Landmarks)

Umayyad Mosque, is also known as Damascus’ Grand Mosque, is one of the oldest and largest mosques in the world, is situated in the city of Aleppo, Syria. The mosque is the foremost epic work of Islamic architecture, but the war left nothing of the mosque.

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Citadel of Aleppo

Citadel of Aleppo, Syria (image credit: Wikimedia Commons)


The Citadel of Aleppo, a large medieval fortified palace, is one of the most iconic landmarks of Aleppo. Aleppo is the UNESCO listed Old City, but the war has left it severely damaged and also the Citadel of Aleppo.

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Shahba Mall, Aleppo

Shahba Mall, Aleppo, Syria (image credit: Wikipedia)

Shahba Mall is one of the Aleppo’s largest shopping centers. Besides the old city, the war has also badly damaged the shopping mall. The image is showing the front side of the shopping mall.

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Hammam al-Nahaseen

Hammam al-Nahaseen Aleppo, Syria (image credit: Le

The 13th Century Hammam al-Nahaseen, the bathhouse for men, is situated in the ancient bazaar of Aleppo. The bathhouse was one of popular tourist destination before the war.

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This article has listed only four places that the war has destroyed. Indeed, the war has ruined the country, the country, but the beauty of Damascus and Syria remains the same in its people minds that will inspire them to rebuild the country. Insha Allah! At last, if you have a recent plan of traveling to Syria, be confirmed first how much it is safe now as a travel destination.

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