6 Interesting Facts About the Bengali Language

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BENGALI is the language of my heart. Bengali is my pride, my mother tongue, and my first language. Every Bangladeshi has the same expression when it about the Bengali language. Bengali is not only a language, it’s itself a history and has a long and rich background. Bengali is the only language in the world for that people sacrificed their lives in 1952 in Dhaka, Bangladesh and 1961 in Assam, India. The Bengali language has many fascinating facts; some of them are listed below:

Bengali Language
Celebrating International Mother Language Day

1. Did you know that International Mother Language day is based on the Bengali language?

The world celebrates International Mother Language day basis on the historical protest that occurred on 21st February 1952 as a part of the Bengali Language Movement. During the protest, a number of activists and students were martyred in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In 1997, UNESCO honored this occurrence by remarking the day as International Mother Language Day.

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2. Did you know that Bengali is the seventh most spoken language by over 215 million people around the world?

Bengali is the seventh most spoken language by about 215 million people around the world as their native or second language. Bengali is the official language of Bangladesh and some Indian states, including West Bengal, Tripura, and Assam. It is the second largest spoken language in India. It is also an official language of Sierra Leone in honor of the 5300 Bangladeshi troops who participated in the Peacekeeping Force.

3. Did you know that Bengali is one of the most beautiful spoken languages in the world?

Sweetness runs in our blood as well as in our Bengali language. No, this is not only an emotional dialogue. Bengali is one of the most beautiful spoken languages in the world as it is rich in emotional expressions. The language has attraction, sophistication, and a deep feel of love. It has also a gorgeous writing system.

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4. Did you know that the grammar of Bengali language is gender-free?

Gender is not defined in the Bengali language. The grammar of Bengali language is gender-free; there is no gendered noun in the Bengali language. Picking up this language is always easy for a new learner. A Bengali learner can grasp the basic words, their structures, and usage in a short time. The writing and word-formation are also easy compared to other languages.

5. Did you know that the national anthem of India is originally composed in Bengali?

Not only the national anthem of Bangladesh (Amar Sonar Bangla) is composed in Bengali, but also the national anthem of India (Jana Gana Mana) is originally composed in the Bengali language by Rabindranath Tagore, who won Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913.

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6. Did you know that the Bengali language has a rich storage of vocabulary, even some English words are originally Bengali words?

Bengali has around 100,000 split words, of which 60 percent is its own, 25 percent is taken from Sanskrit and 16 percent is indigenous and foreign words from Austro-Asiatic and other foreign languages. Some English words are borrowed from the Bengali language, such as, “Jute“, a fiber and “Adda“, a group of people.

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