Top Reasons To Visit Cuba, The Biggest Caribbean Island, Part 1

CUBA, this is the island, where you will see the vintage American cars roar in the city streets while horses and carts rattle in the surrounding countryside. Visiting Cuba can be challenging, but the attractions of the flawless beaches, weltering waterfalls, rich rainforests, impressive mountain collections, vivacious cities’ captivating history and wavering salsa rhythms are endless. Top reasons to visit Cuba, the largest Caribbean Island…

Beautiful Varadero Beach For Relaxation

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Varadero Beach, Cuba

This is the most popular place among tourists, according to the data of the TripAdvisor. This is ideal for spending your vacation or relaxation from your everyday life and has incredible clean and clear water that is excellent for snorkeling and scuba dipping. The lovely greenish-blue water and spongy sand can make each your beach moment perfect and memorable.

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Take A Historic Walk In Old Havana

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Old Havana, Cuba

Old Havana is a pretty attractive old city that is fixed 1950s, except the historic buildings and new hotels renovations. Tourism has changed the city but not in a bad way. The Spanish-American city has colonial Spanish buildings, American-style gothic buildings, lovely people, wonderful music and a range of shops. The city has a lot of history and fascinating stories that can touch your mind.

Get A Taste Of Europe In The Old Square

Old Square, Cuba

Visiting the historical Old Square is one of popular reason to visit Cuba, which is also known as Plaza Vieja. Not only tourists, you will find many locals in the Square, who work for money, such as the dance troupes. The historic site is surrounded by nice restaurants where both tourists and local people enjoy foods and drinks.

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Plaza De La Catedral Is An Amazing Place To Visit

Plaza De La Catedral, Cuba

Plaza de la Catedral is an attractive place to visit, has a very interesting history. This beautiful building is surrounded by little stores. You can enjoy both sunrise and sunset from this place. You can eat, drink, dance and take pictures in the heart of the plaza. In fact, there are many other things to do in Cuba.

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