The History Of Perfumes—Long And Luxury

HUMANS have always contrived to capture the smells of nature. As the ancient history of perfumes suggests, the fragrance was an early invention. Perfume has a long rich history, though exactly how and when the perfumery technique was first fashioned remains a mystery. Still, archaeologists prolong to discover the sources of fragrance’s use all over the ancient world.

Use of perfumes and fragrances are pictured in various ancient cultures, particularly in the ancient Egyptian culture. Ancient Egyptians valued to keep their body clean in the hot weather and considered good body smell a symbol of healthiness. They used perfumes both as medical and cosmetic, but only wealthy people could buy expensive fragrances in the ancient time. Many archaeologists sketch fragrances among the ancient Egyptians to whom perfumes were considered as the sweat of the sun-god, Ra.

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History of Perfumes, Ancient Egypt

The fragrances were given to the ancient Roman and Greek empires and thus the use of fragrances spread throughout the ancient human races from Africa to Europe to Asia. Other ancient civilizations, including the ancient Chinese and ancient Iranians, have a rich history of fragrances’ use. The Chinese didn’t wear perfumes, instead, they used perfumes in the form of incense. In the Islamic Golden Age, Avicenna, a doctor, philosopher, and proto-chemist of the 10th century AD, invented a perfume that had been extracted into alcohol, while other cultures used fragrances that had been extracted into oils.

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History of Perfumes, a type of Incense (image credit: Pixabay)

The sources of fragrances and the sources of chemistry are strongly connected. Avicenna’s invention brought a revolutionary change in the production methods of perfumes. Contemporary chemists have replaced the exotic ingredients used in perfumes with artificial ones. The modern perfumes are produced from artificial materials, though the primordial fragrances were a blend of animal artifacts, lavish oils, and aromatic plants. However, perfumes and fragrances are now all over and enthusiastically available in the modern world.

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