February, A Month Of Color, Culture, And Perceive

IMBOLC Day, a respect to old tradition and culture

01 Feb 2017, Imbolc or Saint Brigid’s day is celebrated traditionally by the modern pagan people of Ireland to mark the beginning of spring. In pre-Christian times, it was widely celebrated throughout Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. Many prior Irish pieces of literature show the evidence that Imbolc day has been celebrated from ancient times. According to Irish Mythology, Brigid was a goddess of poetry, fertility, healing, and smithcraft.

Female Genital Mutilation, No tolerance of such activities

6 Feb 2017, FGM observes to aware that there is no tolerance of altering the female genitalia. This act is recognized as a violation of the human rights. This practice is harmful to girls and violets their rights to their health and physical integrity. (source)

Pohela Falgun, spring is everywhere both in mind and nature

13 Feb 2017, Pohela Falgun is the first day of spring, according to Bengali calendar. Spring is the sign of ending the cold winter. Spring brings new inspiration in the life. The day observes with music, dance, and the color of spring as yellow. Bengali people celebrate the day with full of joy. Both girls and boys wore traditional dresses. Girls wore yellow colors dresses, mostly Sarees and flower crowns on their head and boys wore Punjabis.

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Valentine’s Day, a day that you can celebrate several times a year

14 Feb 2017, we celebrate Valentine’s Day as romance day or couple day each year. We exchange gifts, cards, chocolates, flowers with our special someone. But the original theme of the day is different from the contemporary way of celebration. A saint, name as  St. Valentine who beheaded by the emperor Claudius II for helping a couple. But the problem is there were a dozen of saints with the same name and beheaded as well.  Another interesting thing is Geoffrey Chaucer, the father of English Literature, mentioned about the celebration of St. Valentine’s feast day in his poem “Parliament of Foules,” which has no historical value. The fact is, Chaucer had a trend to describe imaginary things with realistic elements, like date, occurrences, etc. (source)

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Mother Language Day, a memoir of sacrificing life for language

21 Feb 2017, the day is also known as National Language Martyrs Day in Bangladesh. This day promotes the protection of all mother languages. On 21 Feb 1952, there was a social movement in the capital city of present-day Bangladesh to preserve the rights of using Bengali in every type of communication. The brave language heroes of Bangladesh sacrificed their valuable lives to protect the rights of using mother language.

World Thinking Day, an opportunity to learn other countries and cultures

22 Feb 2017, the world’s Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, and others Scout or Guide organizations celebrate the World Thinking Day every year. Thinking day inspires to think about neighbor sisters in different countries for a positive global impact. It also reminds to increase awareness and sensitivity to global concerns.

There are many other International and national days of celebration in this February. This article has highlighted only some significant days. Check our Culture category to know about other days of celebration.

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