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You are welcome to contact for anything you want to share with me, feel free to send an email to Asma Hosna at

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You can list your upcoming contest(s) on this site, for details please visit this page. If you want me to write an advertorial content for your contest, and publish on this site and promote through this site’s social profiles, you can take the opportunity by paying only $25 USD.

Contact for Advertorial Contents

Write an advertorial content by paying only $25 USD. If you want me to write relevant advertorial contents for your products or services and publish on this site, throw an email to Asma Hosna at auh@auhbd.comOther specifications related to writing advertorial contents will be discussed upon contact.

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Buy ad spaces for promoting your business by paying only $50 USD monthly. Other specifications related to spaces and prices will be discussed upon contact. Please visit this page for details.

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As an experienced writer, passionate designer and determined marketer, I understand the importance of communication between your contents and designs, particularly when you want a unique brand identity for your business. If you want personalized web content writing services for your new or established business, I, along with my excellent freelancer team can help you. For details visit this page.

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E-mail: Asma Hosna at

Skype: Baiby06

Whatsapp ID: +8801552379080

Find me on LinkedIn: View My LinkedIn Profile

Transaction Methods: Payoneer and PayPal

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