How To Care Your Leather Goods: 6 Tips

YOUR leather goods can last as long as possible if you maintain it properly. Leather goods are sensitive just like your skin. They need the care to keep it in tip-top condition throughout the years. Even with excellent care, they still age and beautiful as like as the new one. Here are 6 tips in 3 states to maintain your leather products.


Tip 1: If your leather gets dirty, wipe it with a soft damp cloth or a good brush to remove dirt from the surface. Don’t use stuff like soap or others, just use a damp cloth to keep it clean. You must avoid water because moisture can make it look dull.

Tip 2: If your leather gets wet, dry it slowly in the room temperature. Avoid sunlight or hair-dryer, room temperature with moderate air works better than direct heaters. Be careful about speed drying can change your leather chemical structure.

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Tip 3: If your leather gets too dry, rub leather care lotion moist into it. Leathers need proper nourishment and care to maintain a long-lasting suppleness. Use quality leather care lotion twice a year to keep your bag young. Furthermore, it will prevent the leather from drying out.

Tip 4: Moisture you leather properly. Use leather dressing or cream, preferably recommended by your vendor. Always use a transparent lotion, if you don`t have a matching color lotion to your leather. Put a small amount of lotion on a brush or cloth and apply it evenly onto the product and let the lotion dry.

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Tip 5: Keep your leather in shape. Maintain its shape by making sure the bag only holds your essentials. Just learn to carry the right amount and keep it in the shape if you want it to end up. Care about marks, carry pens or things in protective cases.

Tip 6: Wrap it with butter paper. Leather products need a tiny bit of air so doesn’t wrap it with plastic. Store your leather in a place that has good airflow. Keeps it in shape by filling out with newspaper stuffing.

In addition, Fungus can develop in the rainy season, so rub it off using good quality leather care products that may available in the market or provided by your vendor. Good quality products not only protect your leather but also extend the age of your leather goods.

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